Joanna Thornton is an aspiring voice actress residing in D/FW, Texas. Born in Taiwan then adopted by her current American parents, she (along with her younger sister) moved to the State of Texas in the year of 2003. From early childhood, immersed in the world of Japanese manga and anime, Joanna began to love that style of art. While living in Asia, she always enjoyed watching the anime series aired on TV when she gets home from school. After arriving in the States, however, Joanna wasn’t able to watch anime like she had before when she was in Asia. It was then that she realized just how much she loved Japanese anime.

After numerous internet search engine attempts in searching for voice acting auditions, Joanna stumbled upon a forum online that offered such opportunity. It was through friends from that forum that she was given a chance-of-a-life-time to professionally dub a short anime film.

In January 2012, Joanna won an online competition for a spot to record with Epcar Entertainment as one of the main characters in KICK-HEART at Oracle Post studio in Burbank, California. She was chosen by the film creator and original Japanese director – Masaaki Yuasa to voice SISTER. After one year after the dream-like voice acting experience, Joanna was contacted to do her first, live audition with FUNimation in February 2014.

She is determined to grow closer to her Lord Jesus and as a professional. You can follow her works on YouTube, or on twitter @sukysakuya. You can follow her spontaneous moments of daily life through pictures on Instagram.


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